This Coronavirus thing.

I have got this right havent I?

That all these containment measures relating to coronavirus are doing.

Are moving the queue around.

The queue of who will get it when.

That’s all we’re doing isn’t it?

The Numbers. 

There are 7,600,000,000 (7.6 billion) people in the world.

And without a vaccine, 1.0% to 3.5% of us will die of Coronavirus.

So between 76,000,000 (76 million) and 266,000,000 (266 million) of the world’s population will die of Coronavirus.

And as there are 66,650,000 people in the UK.

Then between 666,500 and 1,999,500 people will die of Coronavirus in the UK.

If everyone gets Coronavirus once.


And as things stand today.

35,000 people have died in the UK according to the government.

That’s 1.5% of a recorded 240,000 cases.

Just the Beginning. 

If people in the UK continue to die at a rate of 1.5% of infections.

Then if everyone gets it.

Then 999,750 people will die in the UK from Coronavirus.

And as 35,000 deaths is where we are at the moment.

We are under 3.5% of the way through the pandemic.

Is that right?

Is this really just the (very) beginning?

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