For some businesses.

The Process is the Point.


And when this is the case.

There is a job to do.

It’s to tell the story of the process.

And the creativity.



And well.

Make it Matter.

You have to make the process matter.

You have to make the process matter to them.

Just as much as it matters to you.

Always Wear Red.

Three years into Always Wear Red.

I worked with a dozen or so of the UK’s best makers.

Makers that make for Gucci.

Louis Vuitton.

The British Royal Family.

Kate Moss.

Mick Jagger.

And me.

Four Years.

Four years into Always Wear Red and I shifted focus.

I changed what I make.

So I changed makers.

And I changed how I design and create things.

It’s cost me thousands.

But I know why I’ve done it.

It’s so the jumpers I make last a lifetime.

And feel amazing.

And so that Always Wear Red jumpers encourage the wearer to relax and zone out and switch off.

I wanted them to fit anyone at all amazingly well.

So the shapes are gender-neutral.

The pilling is minimised because I changed the yarn in January 2020.

And they only need to be washed once or twice a year.

Because that’s the way it is with 100% Merino Wool.

I want people that own Always Wear Red jumpers to love them.

So they are something that the owner will want to actually wear.

And share.

And repair.

And the only way I can make sure that all of this happens.

Is by focusing hard on process.

September 2020.

The first Always Wear Red jumpers are ready in September 2020.

So between now and then.

I will be amplifying the process.

Because for Always Wear Red’s jumpers.

For so many reasons.

The Process is the Point.

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