I’m a Brand Consultant.

Professionally, I am also a furniture designer.

A furniture maker.

A graphic and website interface designer.

A marketer.

A copywriter.

And a businessman.

But the one out of all of them that I have become most effective at.

Is Brand Consultant.


Here’s what a brand is.

A brand is a perception held in the mind of the consumer about a product or service.

Engineered by an organisation to maximise sustainable profitability.

And I worked out recently.

In these most reflective of times.

I worked out (with a wry smile) why most business leaders are pretty terrible at brand.

Here’s why:

The problem with brand is that it is so simple.

It’s so simple that even some of the best business minds don’t understand it.

Two Quotes. 

The first quote is one that I’ve used over and over in my twenty years (plus) of running teams that have helped some of the world’s best known businesses to build brand.

The second is one that I penned just now.

And I love them both.

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