If I’m not careful.

I could become a prisoner of my past.


We’re house hunting right now.

And there are issues.

Some places are too small.

I know this because I used to live in a 1 bedroomed flat in Tynemouth.

Some places are too big.

I know this because I used to live in a 5 bedroomed house in Hirst Head.

Some places are no good because they only have a yard.

I know this because where I live now only has a decked area.

Some locations are too remote.

I know this because I love the community I’m in right now.

Some locations are too noisy and buzzy.

I know this because I’ve lived in the city centre.

Some places are just too smart and new.

I know this because there’s nothing much to discover in the new builds I’ve lived in.

Some places are too old are worrisome.

I know this because I’ve lived in very old property.

We’re house hunting at the moment.

And as you can tell.

There are a few issues.

The Prisoner. 

Or maybe that’s rubbish.

Maybe there’s just one issue.

Maybe I just need to remember to look forwards.

Instead of backwards.

And maybe this would lead me to make decisions based on what is possible.

As opposed to what is probable.

Because let’s face it.

Today’s me is a different me altogether.

And the future?

Well, it hasn’t happened yet.


The past is the past.

If I think about all of my experience.

I feel paralysed.

Because there’s so much information.

The past is an indicator.

A form guide.

But not a blueprint.

And I need to remember that.

Because if I’m not careful.

And I forget which way to face.

I could become a prisoner of my past.

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