We’re moving nicely through lockdown now.

Well, nicely through this lockdown.

There may be another one.

Or there may be another few.

After all.

The virus is still out there.

And the vaccine – isn’t.

The Old Normal. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know what my crystal ball just told me about what it is going to be like for business communications on the other side of lockdown.

I wanted to let you know what brand builders and marketers and designers should be doing once we are through lockdown.

So here it is.

If you are a brand builder or a marketer or a designer.

When we are the other side of lockdown.

Do pretty much the same as you did before.

Because it won’t be a new normal.

It will be an old normal.

Everything after lockdown.

And I mean everything.

Will be pretty much the same as it was before lockdown.

Good or Shit. 

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When we get to the other side of lockdown.

You will either be a good brand builder, marketer or designer.

Or you will be a shit brand builder, marketer or designer.

Here’s how you can work it out:

  1. If you were shit before lockdown, you’ll still be shit after lockdown. Either because you’ll simply still be same shit after lockdown as you were before. Or you’ll be shit after lockdown because even though  you used to be good before lockdown. You’ll be expecting a fundamentally different world and that fundamentally different brand building, marketing or design approaches will be appropriate as a consequence. Either way. You’ll be shit.
  2. If you were good before. And you understand that in every pandemic, war or deep recession – ever – markets and consumer behaviour were back to what they were before within months – you’ll still be good. But only if you keep the same fundamental approach at a brand level. With just a few minor tweaks (if any) at a marketing or design level.

After lockdown. 

So there you go.

If you want to know what will work in the new normal.

After lockdown.

Simply remember (or learn) the very, very best of what worked in the old normal.

And do that.

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