Some people never grow up.

They never take anything completely seriously.

They focus for a bit.

Then their minds wander.

To the next thing.

The next big idea.

The next adventure.


For these people that never grow up.

Everything’s a game.

Everything’s an experiment.

Everything’s both a stop-off point for today’s deep dive.

And a bridge to the next thing at the same time.

Because these people that never grow up.

They soak themselves in the learning, experience and potency of what is happening right at this moment.

Wringing every last drop out of it.

Yet they have one eye on the next hit, too.

Every experience seems to feed them.

Absorb them.

Obsess them.


There are names for these kinds of people.

These people that never grow up.

And I’ve heard a few.







And escapists.

I call them something else though.

These people that eat a Toblerone from the middle.

(See here:

These people that never grow up.

I call them,

The Lucky Ones.

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