As a business or a brand.

If you want to win.

You have to be fucking awesome.

And fucking patient.

All of you.


Markets are so competitive.

There are so many good people out there.

Doing what you’re doing.

Saying what you’re saying.

So the care.

And attention.

And cleverness.

And patience.

And bravery that simply must be invested in your brand.

To get the behavioural change you want.

Is immense.

The Invitation.

Think about it like this.

You’re busy, right?

You want a great business.

You want a great family life.

You want to stay fit.

You want to buy amazing things every now and then.

You want to buy into and make a difference to causes you care about.

And you want to have a good quality and amount of fun and downtime too.

And so you should.

The Invitation.

Now imagine that against the balancing act of your business, family, fitness, trinkets, causes, fun and downtime.

Imagine you receive an invitation enticing you to take time away from all of those valuable things here listed.

Here’s what you’d do.

You picture the invitee and all you know of them.

You picture all the events of theirs you’ve been to before.

You picture the laughs you’ve had and are likely to have again.

And you remember the exposing fun and hangovers you’ve had and are likely to have again.

Then you close your eyes.

Smile warmly.

And decide.

Bad Mannered.

So how silly it is that so many bad mannered, pig-thick bloody business people are so quick off the mark to invite me to their party and buy.

When I’ve never even heard of them.

And I’ve never bought from them before.

And they’ve never helped me to understand what they are like.

And I’ve never shared anything meaningful with them on any level whatsoever.

Behavioural Change.

To get my behaviour to change.

In the way that you want.

When I have so much going on in my life.

You have to show me a little respect.

You have to build the relationship.

And, of course, you have to have the funds in place to allow you to build the relationship.

You have to be fucking awesome.

And fucking patient.

All of you.

Or else the only person at your party.

Will be you.

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