Brands need heroes.

But what they do not need.

Is your ego.


Great brands have meaning.

And they are built with precision.

They know the change they want to make.

And they focus on that change with laser like precision.

They have to.

They must.

Because it is what they believe in.


And it is with this in mind.

Particularly with regard to successful brand building and integration.

(Integration is the ‘bringing the brand to life’ bit).

That a careful balance needs to be achieved.

It is the balance of the hero.

And the ego.

The Hero.

Great policies and procedures are important.

And the great brand and great brand consistency that they bring are important.

But individual acts of brand heroism born from the inventiveness and the attentiveness of any organisation’s people are more so.

The Extra Mile.

With all great brands.

Going the extra mile is never extra.

It is the normal thing to do.

It is fluid.

It is responsive.

And this is brand heroism.

The Ego.

But there is no room for ego in exceptional brand integration.

Because when bringing a brand to life, maverick interpretation is the enemy.

Maverick interpretation is not the same as the inventiveness and attentiveness that underpins individual acts of brand heroism.

Because when ego is involved.

The ideas, opinions and actions are not anchored in the brand itself.

Ego creates randomness.

And that dilutes brand.

The Hero and The Ego.

Brands need a framework to guide them.

And a bought-in team to deliver what the brand is promising.

Brands need focus.

Brands need consistency.

Brands need simplicity, meaning and memorability.

Brands need heroes.

But what they do not need.

Is your ego.

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