For a year of my life.

Up here in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I travelled The Green Line.

About 5 times a week.

Every week.

The Green Line.

I lived in Kingston Park.

I worked in South Shields.

That meant I travelled the entirety of the Z-Shaped green line on The Metro.

One end.

To the other.

Kid A.

As I travelled.

I snoozed.

As I snoozed.

I listened to Kid A.

One end.

To the other.


I listened to this Radiohead album as my sheepdog, Colin, now listens to me talk.

His head twisting slowly.


Then anticlockwise.

As I converse with Colin.

His eyes on mine throughout.

As he tries.


To fathom the noises I make.


That’s how I listened to Kid A.


I listened to it again.

Just now.

And yes.

I listened just the same as I did 20 years ago.

Here it is:

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