Everybody you know.

Is going to die.

And so are you.


I know.

It’s an awful thought.

But just for a moment.


Think about this.

The Generation Game. 

Do you remember The Generation Game?

Do you remember The Conveyor Belt bit at the end of the show?

Here’s a picture to remind you: https://www.50odd.co.uk/the-generation-game/.

The Conveyor Belt.

The reason I mention this is because.


Life’s like that conveyor belt bit.

That conveyor belt bit at the end of The Generation Game.

Because you slowly slide in from one side.

Slowly pass by the onlookers.

Illuminated by the spotlights.

And then.


You slide off again.

On the other side.

Bruce Forsyth.

This story is not just a celebration of Brucie’s magnificent sideburns.

And Brucie’s magnificent burgundy shirt and trouser combination.

It is a celebration of you.

And a reminder that your time here is short.

And a reminder that you are constantly moving.

And that you will.

Whether you like it or not.

Slide off to the right.

Just as you slid in from the left.

Standing Still. 

It is also a reminder that.

Even if you feel that life is standing still.

You are never, ever standing still.

Life is forever sliding.


So move!

Before it’s too late.

Do anything you want!

Do everything you want!

Soak up the heat of the spotlight whilst it is on you.

Because even though Brucie’s version of TV’s ‘Generation Game’ has gone forever.

And even though your very real generation game will not last forever either.

Your version of your Generation Game is playing out right now.

And you are the star of the show.

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