‘Coco’ by Pixar.

It’s an animation.

And a nice wee film, too.


The story is this.

A small boy has a passion for music.

His family don’t want him to pursue this.

Preferring he secured a ‘proper job’.

So the boy seeks the approval of his dead grandfather.

A famous musician.

In order to pursue his dreams.

Those are the headlines of the story at least.



The small boy’s grandfather resides in a different world.

The afterlife.

It’s quite pleasant there, actually.

At least according to Pixar it is.

All fun.

And dancing.

And revelry.

And lights.

But there is a problem.

Because just like in the real world.

Your days are numbered in the afterlife.


Back in the real world.

Your days are numbered because we all live for about 1000 months and then that’s it.

We die.

And in the afterlife.

You only live for as long as you are remembered by someone in the real world.

So as soon as everyone you knew in the real world forgets you.

The moment you are forgotten.

You die The Final Death.

The Final Death.

I wonder.

How long would I last in the afterlife?

Before everyone back here in the real world forgot about me?

And what would they remember me for?

And does all of that even matter?

Well; yes.

It does matter.

To me.

And I think that the formulae for living longest in the afterlife.

Is something like this.

The Formulae.

Just try to matter to as many people as possible in the real world.

Then after you’ve gone.

Because you mattered.

They’ll remember you.

And because they’ll remember you.

You’ll live in the afterlife for a long and happy time.

I have no idea if this will work of course.

I have no idea if the clever people at Pixar are right.

But just to be on the safe side.

Just so that I can stick around in the afterlife for as long as possible.

‘See a few old friends.

I think I’ll give it a go anyway.

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