I quite like Christopher Raeburn.

British Fashion Designer chap.

I think he’s interesting.

And full of purpose.

I am not sure I’d wear what he has made in the past.

But that’s by-the-by.

Because I think he’s interesting.

And full of purpose.

And that matters (to me) just as much as whether I like his collections.

The Curator. 

This year.

Christopher Raeburn unveiled his latest collection.

And I really like what he did.

Because it was not a collection, as such.

It was a curation.

You see, he didn’t create anything.

He just collected it.

And exhibited it.


His choice.

His tastes.

His ethos:

What could be more radical than not making anything?

His confident approach to doing something I’ve not seen before in the world of fashion.

And for all of those reasons.

I really like it.

More here.

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