It’s brilliant, chasing.

Looking for new things.

New challenges.

New experiences.

New people and places.


I think it’s just as important to stop still sometimes though.

To  stop chasing.

To look around.

To appreciate what you’ve got.


You’re lucky.

Because the house that’s smaller than you’d really like is still your house.

Because your too-small amount of money is getting a little bit bigger.

Because your too-big amount of debt is getting a little bit smaller.

And because you’re here.




Life is OK.


I wonder if we should split our lives?

Consciously, I mean.

Into time when we chase.

And time when we don’t chase.

The main reason for doing this.

I think.

Is because some of things we are chasing.


Can only come to us in the times we’re not chasing.


I don’t know how this works.

But I think it is something to do with where we focus.

If we focus close to the horizon.

Instead of close to home.

It shows.

So maybe loving what we have.

And loving who we already are.

Is the start point.

Because the horizon-scanners are looking in the wrong place.

Too far in front of them.

When the answer.


Might already be here.

Right in front of them.


  1. Claire Jerrard Reply

    You know when you read something and the timing couldn’t be more perfect…thank you Michael
    Speak soon CJ

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