One of the hardest lessons that I had to learn in business.

Because it’s counter intuitive.

(And because I was quite young when I founded my first business.

So I was naive.

And daft.

And stubborn).

Was not to chase the money.


In fact.

And this is true.

The times when I have made most money.

Have been the times when I have not been chasing money at all.

I’ve been focusing on the change I am trying to make.

Or obsessing over quality and telling the story of that obsession.

Or being innovative.

Or having fun.

Or doing something truly pioneering.

All of this with one eye on the core business of course.

But I was definitely not chasing the money.

The Reason. 

And here is the reason why chasing the money is the wrong thing to do.

(A neat sentence coming up, if ever I saw one).

Is because the turnover and the (hopefully) resulting profit are simply a lagging indicator of your success.

I’ll say that again.

Money is a lagging indicator of your success.

I like that.


So there you go.

Don’t chase money.

That’s boring.

Chase the change you are trying to make.

Inside the framework of a sensible business model.

And the money will come.

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