Here he is.

(Or she).

The Cautious Creative.

There’s a picture: https://www.50odd.co.uk/the-cautious-creative/.

The Cautious Creative.

It was George Lois who said it first, I think.

That The Cautious Creative does not exist.

It’s in his book, ‘Damn Good Advice (for people with talent)’.

George sees caution and creativity as opposites.

George thinks that they cannot co-exist.

And whilst I think they actually can co-exist.

I also think, like George, that they lead only to sameness and mediocrity.

So I agree 100% with George’s sentiment that they should not.

Building Braver Brands. 

I am Building Braver Brands.

My own brands and my client brands.

Because most businesses are boring.

Most business leaders are boring because they are reading case studies when they could be writing case studies.

Most business leaders are boring because they are trying to lead their category when a braver heart would mean they’d try to drive their category.

Most business leaders are boring so they don’t know how to get noticed.

And I am taking them way past getting noticed – to getting chosen.

Cautious creativity?


Braver Branding?


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