A video for you.

If you are a mother.

Or a father.

Or a daughter.

Or a son.

Here it is: https://youtu.be/kxN3p2QyqDk


    • I like simple, effective, relatable things.

      This is the first post I’ve done that, I’d wager, more people will shed a tear than not.

      Perhaps because it’s something we can all do and normally never do.

      And because, maybe, some of the people we’d like to try it with are no longer here.

      By the way, some brand picked this up and adapted it for an ad campaign.

      Not unsurprisingly I suppose.

      But I like the original study best.

  1. So 09.35 on a Sunday and I have cried already…moving and very thought provoking, I think at the moment my kids would giggle after about 10 secs being younger…with my parents I think it would be different. Thanks as always for sharing Michael, really fascinating stuff.

    • Yes; it gets you like that doesn’t it?

      And something so simple.

      See you soon Peter.

      Please help me to spread the word about 50odd.co.uk.

      Just if you can.

      Thank you


  2. I lost my Mother soon after my Dad died, end 2016. I just imagined spending time with my Mother again and thought of all she (and Dad!!) did for me.

    4 minutes is quite a long time and at first you sense the awkwardness – which gives way to deeper thoughts about relationships and real people.

    Very good video. Thought provoking. Helps bring focus.

  3. Janet Chaston Reply

    Michael, where to start, you can see in their eyes the inner thought process is going crazy, bringing moments and pictures from the past, happiness, joy, sadness, sorrow, all those emotions. I feel somehow inadequate.

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