I had a package dispatched to me last week.

From a London supplier.

They entrusted it to DHL.

And off it flew.

The Wrong Address.

The address that the London supplier had on file for me.

Was my previous address.

My fault?


So once we found this out.

The conversation naturally turned to what we should do about it.

The Best That They Could Do.

My London supplier made a call to DHL and was told that ‘the best they could do’ was to hold the parcel at a local depot to me.

So that I could pick it up.

And that’s what my London supplier told me.



With that sorted.

I called DHL to check what identification I’d need to take along with me.

The conversation was interesting.

Because part way through I asked this:

Can you not just have it sent to a new address that I give you now?

My new address?

Here’s what they said:


So that’s what they did.

The Best You Can Do For Who?


It’s just a thought.

Maybe it’s a crazy thought.

But when you are thinking about ‘the best you can do’ as a business.

Make it the best you can do for the customer.

Not you.

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