Exhibitions are uninteresting, predictable places.

Expensive, visually-busy, idea-less, 3-metre square clones. Hungover, hunch-shouldered bored people staring open-mouthed at phones, leaning on things.

Bigger, costlier stands are similarly dull.

Once, I exhibited with a clever-tech protective packaging company, set on stoking interest in 3d-modelling, precision laser-cutting, multi-density foam and (yawn) cardboard.

So, we printed 12, huge, 1m cardboard boxes with: THIS WAY UP, and (same box, upside-down) …OR THIS WAY UP IF YOU LIKE. And HANDLE WITH CARE and OR TREAT ME ROUGH (I LOVE IT).

Concept development strategy? Mucking about.

On-stand strategy? Mucking about with big boxes all day.

Conversations? Loads!

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