Using jargon and acronyms is powerful!

Here are just some of the amazing things that using jargon and acronyms can, and does, achieve:

1. Confusion. They won’t know what you’re on about.

2. Embarrassment. They won’t say they don’t know what you’re on about. They’ll just feel embarrassed.

3. Dislike. They’ll think you’re a nob.

4. Jargon creates rubbish ‘hide and seek’ players. It feels like you can hide behind jargon. You can’t. We can see you.

5. False assumptions. Jargon created false assumptions about what a group actually knows or recognises. Don’t do that.

6. Distance. Using jargon is a great way to create distance between you and other people. It makes people move away from you, not towards you.

Jargon. Powerful stuff!

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