You need to read this one here:


When you watch the Radiohead video for ‘There, There.’

It’s obvious really.

It’s obvious that Thom’s main influence was Bagpuss.



In case you didn’t know.


The most important.

The most beautiful.

The most magical.

Saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world.


And Emily loved him.


If you ask me.

Bagpuss is timelessly wonderful.

And endlessly creative.

The premise goes around and around and around.

Emily finds a thing.

Brings it to Bagpuss.

Who magically wakes up.

And when Bagpuss wakes up.

All his friends wake up too.

The Mice on the Mouse Organ.

Madeleine the Rag Doll.

Gabriel the Toad.

And Professor Yaffel.

Take a look:

Oliver Postgate.


Thom asked Bagpuss creator Oliver Postgate to create a music video for ‘There There’ in 2003.

But Mr. Postgate.

Who was retired at the time.


So Chris Hopewell did it instead.

Inspired by Bagpuss and Brother’s Grimm.

Favourite Things.

I like that story.

The story of the video for the Radiohead single.

‘There There’.

Because it combines two of my most favourite things.


And Bagpuss.

Here’s Radiohead’s ‘There There’ video:

One Last Thing. 

One last thing.

The full title of this Radiohead single is, ‘There There (The Bony King of Nowhere).

Here’s why:


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