The cheeky question I posed a few weeks ago has been quoted back at me a few times now. It was:

“Why are marketing degrees 3 years long? When it takes 3 seconds to say, ‘As a marketer, just randomly post something your company did on LinkedIn. Oh, and say you’re proud of it too, if you want.'”

Hmm! Here’s a related point. About events you might go to. And brand.

If you really are a brand then you have a purpose, a point and beliefs. You’re set on changing something in a way that only you can.

So, on LinkedIn, instead of saying, ‘We went to a thing and it was great.’ If you really must tell us you went to a thing, tell us how people you met there, experiences you had there or how things you learned there help you  accelerate and/or double down on the delivery of why you exist… your brand.

Because if you don’t, that age old question that all marketers (really should) hate, will pop into the minds of every single blibbing person that ever blibbing reads that you went to a thing.

“So what?”

Merry Christmas.

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