Because I am Telepathic.

I am going to tell you about a brand in a moment that you may or may not have heard of.

And I predict.

(Because I am Telepathic as I mentioned a moment ago).

That these four things will happen to you:

  1. You will think that the thing they are saying with their slogan is bold, ‘out there’ and maybe even a little bit crazy. And you’ll also think that you’d not be brave enough to say something as bold, ‘out there’ and crazy, about your own business.
  2. Then, you will start to like them. A lot.
  3. Then, when you look at them a little more closely, you will want to own one of their products. Even though they are fucking expensive. (In fact, at least in part, you’ll want to own one of their products because they are fucking expensive). And you might even buy one.
  4. Then, you’ll feel confused. Because at the same time as thinking that you’d probably not be brave enough to say something as bold, as ‘out there’ and as crazy, about your business. As they are saying about their business. You’ll still want one. Which is weird. And confusing. Because you’re meant to be trying to sell more of your stuff. Aren’t you? But you’re not brave enough to say something like what they said? And so it goes on.

Anyhow. Here they are.

Saddleback Leather.

I want a Grandfather Collector’s Case.

And I’m not even sure what a blibbing Grandfather’s Collector’s Case is.

Their slogan:





In one of their videos.

To prove how tough their stuff is.

They played tug-o-war with one of their briefcases.

Between a guy on a boat.

And an alligator.

At the same time as you’re worrying that your logo isn’t quite clear enough in that little video you’re working on right now.

And the light isn’t reflecting off your product in quite the right way.

And your not showing YOUR machine quite as nicely as they’re showing THEIR machine…

Fux sake…

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  1. Thank you. Those are kind words. Let’s get a beer one of these days on my next trip to UK or your next one to Texas

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