I am one of the 17.

In TEAM 17.


Team 17 is author (and more) Michael Heppell’s concept.

Here are some of the people in TEAM 17.

  • Davina McCall (yes, that one).
  • Sarah Cox (yes, that one).
  • Michael Douglas (no, not that one).
  • Kelly Hoppen (yes, that one).
  • Tanya Byron (yes, that one).
  • Patrick Kielty (yes, that one).
  • Mychael Owen (that’s me).

What is TEAM 17?

TEAM 17 is tools, techniques and ideas.

Assembled by Michael Heppell.

Designed to change your life, I do believe.


There’s a 17 Module University.

17 Minute Sprints.

Massive Action Projects.

Bookable 17 minute 1:1 Turbo Coaching Sessions.

Group get-togethers on the 17th of each month.

And you also get to see a number of exclusive 17 Minute Interviews.

That’s where Davina McCall, Sarah Cox, Michael Douglas, Kelly Hoppen, Tanya Byron, Patrick Kielty and I come in.

And it’s all centred around The Team 17 Community.

Here’s a video about it and more: https://michaelheppell.mykajabi.com/TEAM17.


  1. Michael Heppell Reply

    Thank you for being a part of TEAM17. Can’t wait until the interview goes live. Bet there will a whole bunch of ‘no way!’ Comments.

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