I’m 50.

And here are a neat pair of quotes (from me) for all you 50 year olds out there.

I entertain the idea that I didn’t really know what to do when I was young enough to do whatever I wanted.

And that when I do work out what to do I may be too old to do it.

Such is life?

Actually no. That’s too neat and soundbitey. And slightly pathetic too if I’m honest.

They sound like excuses.


In reality, I did pretty much exactly as I wanted when I was younger.

And I am doing pretty much exactly what I want to do right now.

Last night I stood in the wonderful Tyne Bank Brewery with Lisa. I had 4 drinks sat next to each other. All at the same time. Each drink was one of those little 1/3 of a pint things so I could taste different beers – together.

Lisa looked great and was smiling. Izobel (aged 2) was running around crashing into knees. Colin and Frank (dogs) were making new friends of half-cut Millennials.

I am doing exactly what I want. Right now.


Of course, I could have interpreted last nights scene quite differently. If I shifted my focus. And because I am about to write this next bit, it clearly crossed my mind.

I was doing what I wanted to do last night. It was predictable. Cozy. Warm. Boring, even.

The wobbly Millennials all around us were doing what they wanted to do too. And it was nothing like that. They were focusing on beer, each other, Ubers, nachos and lending each other twenty quid. It was exciting.

Who might sleep with who? Would the relationships that existed at the beginning of the night still be intact at the end? Who had the drugs? And who would take some? How many different pubs, clubs and house parties might they visit? And how much of what actually happened would they remember in the morning anyway?


We switched for a moment.

The Millennials cuddled Colin and Frank for a while and tasted my reality.

And I chatted to a couple of the young girls. (I thought they looked great. They probably thought, “My dad’s got a jumper like that”). I tasted a little bit of what they were experiencing.

Then we all returned to our tribes and went on our way.


I’ve tasted all that they are tasting. And I hope they have tasted, or will one day taste ‘family’ as I do now.

In the remainder of my life I will definitely taste some of the things that appear in my made-up story about the Millennials above, again. If I want to. I love excitement. Uncertainty. Adventure.

Taste is a good word. It’s not sustenance. That’s different.

Tasting things is a different kind of brilliant. But there is one truth about tasting things that, I think, we all benefit from accepting sooner rather than later.

It is, describing how something tastes is a waste of time. You have to actually taste it. After all, your taste buds are different to anyone else’s.

Imagine that you have to imagine what a lemon tastes like, having never tasted one.



There is so much to taste out there.

And I’m still hungry.

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