There will come a day when you would give anything at all to feel how you do today.

In fact, you’d give everything.


This applies whether you are having a great day.

Or a truly awful day.

You know the kind of awful day I mean.

Those days where nothing goes to plan.

Toast falls butter down.

You shout at the children and it hurts you more than it hurts them.

You growl at your partner for no good reason.

And you can’t find your keys.

These are bad days.

But as I say, there will definitely come a day when you would give anything at all to feel how you do today.

In fact, you’d give everything.


The day you have to say goodbye, when it comes, (and it will, of course) is your worst day.

Because on that day you have no need for plans.

Or buttered toast.

On that day, shouting at children will feel completely foreign to you.

As will growling at your partner.

In fact, you’ll know at that very moment how wasteful the shouting and the growling really was.

And you will care little for the whereabouts of your keys.

You don’t need keys today.

What Matters.

Whilst I (probably) don’t know you, two things I do know are these.

First, if today really was the day you had to say goodbye – nothing I have mentioned here would matter to you.

And second, what I also know is that whatever things do matter to you on your last day should also matter more than anything else in your whole world – today.

Only you know what those things are.

And only you can, today and every day, treat them with the importance they deserve.

From now, if you like.


I’ve thought about what would really matter to me on my goodbye day.

And I’ve change a few things straight away.

You can too.

If you want.

Because – let’s face it – who knows when your goodbye day is?

See you tomorrow.


50odd isn’t for you.

It’s for me.


It is daily Tourettes.

It is what the world looks like from here.

My world.


Morning glory for me is a head full of ideas.




Before I had 50odd to help me, these things had nowhere to go.

And I felt they were being wasted.

So I created 50odd as the receptacle within which they now live.

For me.

For ever.

And, I suppose, for anyone else that cares to visit.

Thank you

So thank you for popping by.

And whilst I can never deviate from the focus of creating these stories just for me.

(Because if I did they’d lose their authenticity.

Their freshness.

Their rawness).

I do peep at you out of the corner of my eye from time to time.

Mischievously wondering how you might react to what I write.

Encouraging you to comment at www.50odd.co.uk.

Or to pass a story on.

Or for you to be changed.


So now you know.

These are the terms of 50odd.

There was something missing in my life.

So I filled the gap.

Thanks for being a part of my journey.

And for allowing me to be a part of yours.

Beware the kilt. 

Quite a few years ago now, I was on a stag night.

And I wore a kilt.

This experience revealed something quite startling to me.

Something that I have never forgotten.


When I go for a wee, I stand up.

(If you are wincing reading that, probably don’t read on).

Occasionally, this is at a urinal as opposed to a sit-down toilety thing.

Now – and you can test it if you like (just get naked in a public toilet when you have a wee) – quite a lot of wee splashes back onto ones thighs with urinal weeing.

I know this because of the kilt (naked leg)/urinal combination.

And this got me thinking that there will be quite a lot of wee on your trousers.

Most days of your life.

Wee that you won’t notice of course.

But it is happening.


…is a thing.

This Was a Public Information Message From 50odd.co.uk. 

You’re Welcome.

PS If you are a Scottish person, can you shed any light on this subject please?

Is PISS-LEGS a real problem? 

Is ‘aim’ a factor?

Is ‘standing position’ a factor?

Too close. 

Too far away.

Am I unique in recognising this as a phenomenon?

Is ‘get a life’ part of the response you want to send?

I thank you.

In a recent post we chatted about businesses that care.

I suggested that businesses have a responsibility to not only work towards satisfying what customers care about.

I suggested they should also educate markets to care about what matters to all of us.

Here is that story: https://www.50odd.co.uk/care/

Part 2

This little story follows on.

So; if you do build a business that cares about something lovely and worthwhile, you also have to be amazing at what you do, of course.


Because you can’t hide a crap product or service behind a worthy cause.

Motivation v Gratification.

Please remember this.

Because it will help your business to matter more and to last longer.

The Motivation behind someone choosing you is linked to you being truly excellent, and telling your story well.

The Gratification they feel about having made the purchase is born, at least in part, from the greater good you do.

Your purpose, if you like.

A coffee brand that is nice to rainforests only works if the coffee is great.

Great coffee first…

…then add in something people should care about.

To build the brand, consolidate the purchase and build the community.

If you tick both of these boxes – Motivation and Gratification (and get them the right way round) you could do really well.

Genderless clothing brands are a good thing. 

Because they encourage people to share what they wear.

And because they (should) do away with any silly stereotyping.

Here are some to take a look at.


Based in New York, quirky, quite nice and slightly bonkers.


Minimalist, cool and – again – a bit mad.


Decent denim-obsessed basics.

Not terribly adventurous but yes – interesting and affordable.


Another American brand.


The (odd) Wilde Boots are interesting.


I personally see genderless clothing as simple, common sense idea.

Not a political stance and neither for or against any particular group or persuasion.

Just something that, if done well so that it encourages us all to buy less and buy better, makes sense.

The examples here are early entrants to the category.

The category itself is young.

I suspect some enter it as it feels newsy.

The best will do it because of how it can effect our world positively.

They are the ones that will last.

Wear It. Share It.

We live in a world where over 70% of all clothing made is either burnt or buried within 3 years.

Things need to change.

And genderless clothing could be one small part of that change.

Wear it… then share it.

If you run a businesses, it makes sense to build your brand around something people care about.

That means listening hard.

Because if you care about what they care about then, in theory at least, they’ll care about you.


But is it not also true that, as a businesses, you have a responsibility to make people care about what you care about?

Assuming the thing you care about is good for everyone.

The answer – is yes.

The Wrong Kind of Shareholder. 

Lots of businesses have the wrong kind of shareholder.

The shareholder that only cares about making money is the wrong kind of shareholder.

The shareholder that only cares about the short term is the wrong kind of shareholder.

The shareholders that pretends to care about something important because it gets them onto the latest marketing bandwagon is the wrong kind of shareholder.

The shareholder that does not see their and their teams talents as an opportunity to do something good for everyone is the wrong kind of shareholder.

And the Founder can of course be the biggest baddie of all.

Because it is she or he that let the shareholder in.


There are lots of things that need care in the world.

Lots of people, too.

A great way to start a business, I think, is to pick up a cause or two that you care about and weave them into what you’re doing.

The Rules keep changing.

All our lives.

And it’s sometimes tricky to work out what behaviour is OK and what isn’t.

Narratives formed in different times seemed OK ‘then’ but – clearly – they never were.

How on earth could we have been so stupid?

The Rules.

I’ve said silly and inappropriate things all my life.

Sometimes out of innocence.

Sometimes out of ignorance.

Sometimes out of drunkenness.

And sometimes because I was just being a dick.

I am better these days as I have matured, slowed down, become more considerate, caring and rounded as a person.

We learn The Rules as-we-go.


I was reminded that we learn The Rules as-we-go, today.

At Izobel’s nursery.

Because, as she and her friends are 2 years old, The Rules are less clear.

Izobel and I were waiting in the corridor for 7.30am to come.

7.30am is a time that sends Izobel wobbling into her classroom.

Smiling broadly.

Looking up and deep into the eyes of her temporary carer, hands outstretched to receive her red cereal bowl.


As we waited in the corridor, parents and children strode past.

As each of them paced the corridor, Izobel held me tighter.


Safe in my arms.

But still watching intently.

And because of the lack of rules, Izobel thought it totally acceptable to completely ignore the lovely, ‘Good Morning Izobel!’ and, ‘Hello Izobel, how are you today?’ chatter.

She also thought it totally acceptable, as one particularly friendly looking dad crouched on his haunches to say, ‘Hello, Izobel!’ to say nothing at all, look him in the eye, flare her nostrils and let one continuous 3 to 4 second pump.

Without blinking an eye.


He rose, smiled, and wandered off to work.


I am going to relax a bit more.

Judge less.

Because the world is not all filled with bad people saying and doing bad things.

It’s – sometimes – just people that haven’t learned The Rules yet.

And a less judgemental world might be quite a nice thing, I think.

To find out what you’re great at, you have to do shit.

Not ‘do shit’ as in ‘do things badly’ you understand.

I mean you have to actually do things.

Rather than just talking about them.


Perfectionism is self-sabotage.

It just is.

Waiting around for that perfect opportunity.

Or that perfect moment.

The thing to know here is that, perfect opportunities do exist.

But you don’t know if they’re the real deal until you take the step and actually do them.

Because some things that you’d bet your life on being perfect – aren’t.

And some things that look imperfect – once you start them – turn out to be perfect.

Things People Say.

Ooh, I’m a perfectionist me.

So I’m not doing it until it is perfect.

Really means

I’m scared.

And that’s fine.

Doing any great thing has to be a bit scary.

Do Shit.

So, if you want to be shit hot.

Do shit.

Because – no shit – it’s the only way to know.

I love Antony and the Johnsons as you will know if you follow 50odd each day.

I love them mostly because of their bravery.

And the music of course.

I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy.

‘I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy’ is a song with a beautiful melody and production.

It’s as captivating as a live performance as it is in the studio version.


I am not sure what it is about.

Some think it’s about being in love with someone that is ‘dead inside’ so they can’t love you back.

Some think it’s referencing Anohni’s personal journey.

Anohni formerly was male and has now transitioned.


I love how Anohni is creating in a very personal way.

Telling the stories she wants to tell.


No matter how strange they are.

Strange is embraced.

The title of this song would, I assume, be received with puzzlement from a commercially minded music promoter.

But Anohni is staying true to her art.

And I really like that.

Because so many people do not.

The song appears alongside this story at the 50odd website.

I don’t look at ‘Fried Egg Clock’ that hangs on our kitchen wall to tell me the time.

I use to for something far more important than that.

Fried Egg Clock.

We were in Blackpool not so long ago.

My little (immediate) family plus my brother and his little family.

We chose Blackpool because it’s good, plasticky fun.


Now, it’s good to be ambitious.

To set goals.

Even on holiday, I think.

So Lisa and I set our sights on some lofty goal that we happened upon in Blackpool.

We wanted to win enough paper tokens from the slot machines and arcade games that we could win Fried Egg Clock.


We determinedly began.

Soon, we were joined in this important challenge by my brother Sam and his wife Sara.

You see, there were two Fried Egg Clocks.


I run Business Communications businesses and clothing brands in the North of England.

We’ve won awards all over the world and we sell all over the world.

Sam runs a training company called Thynk.

He works for some of the biggest brands in the world, delivering training all over the world.

And today, we as businessmen and brothers stood side-by-side.

Fists fat with palm-staining 2 pence pieces.

And a stern expression.

Today was not about global business.

Today was different.

Today was far more personal

Today was about Fried Egg Clocks.


So as I said at the beginning.

I don’t look at ‘Fried Egg Clock’ that hangs on our kitchen wall to tell me the time.

I use to for something far more important than that.

I use it to tell me about all time.

Not just what hour it is now.

It tells me the time I have is precious and personal and as plasticky as I want.

It tells me that the times we make with the time we have are everything.

That is why it is the most important clock in the world.