I think that never trying to be a Superhero.

Is as ill-advised as always trying to be a Superhero.


Never being a Superhero.

Means never pushing to the edges of your life.

(And the best stuff is always at the edge).

But always trying to be a Superhero.


That’s exhausting.

Time Out.

One of a raft of mistakes I made in 2019.

Was trying too hard and too often to be a Superhero.

(Everybody needs time out.

Even Bob Parr*).

So as we move into 2020 I have decided to relax more.

I’ll still try to be a Superhero from time to time, of course.

But I will also remove my imaginary lycra completely from time to time.

And just be ‘off’.


When I am ‘off’.

I can repair.



So that when I am needed to do important, time critical things.

I am ready.

Better prepared to come up with magic rather than just solutions.

Because I know that if I am bouncing from thing to thing to thing.

I am not looking for magic.

I am just looking to ‘get things done’.


So that’s it for me for 2020.

More downtime.

So that when I am called upon to be a Superhero.

Or when I decide that Superherodom is for me.

I am more ‘Mr. Incredible’.

Than ‘Mr. Incapable’.

Happy 2020.


*Here’s Bob Parr.

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