50odd is stuttering right now.

Because the world.

(And my world).

Is stuttering right now, too.


There’s Covid of course.

But I’m also moving house.

And we’ve relaunched Always Wear Red, ANGELFYSH and mychael this year.

(By choice of course.

‘Not complaining).

The result is 50odd is not being written every day.

So it’s not being sent every day.

And where I’d normally deep-dive into something emotional or ‘thinky’ with 50odd.

Three or four times a week.

Current I am not.

The 50-odd Project.

The 50-odd project is still on though.

I will still write 3,650 stories.

1 story each day.

For 10 years.

(I’m 2 years in).

I’m just a few days behind .

November 2020

So please stay with me.

Things will stabilise as we move through November.

I’ll catch up and fill the gaps.

And 2021 will be good.

I’m exploring a 50odd book.

And a 50odd club.

Both of them for you and people like you.

So thank you for being involved so far.

See you soon.

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