There are some things in business.

That should never, ever happen.

And one of them.

Is stupid people driving liveried work vans.

Stupid People Driving Liveried Work Vans. 

There was a stupid person working for a company called Priority Transport driving a liveried Priority Transport work van this morning.

In Newcastle.

This particular stupid person parked the Priority Transport advert that he or she was driving in one of those yellow box thingies.

Leaving a queue of traffic sat at a green light.

Traffic that included me.

Taking a photo of him from the passenger seat (here it is).

As Lisa drove Izobel to nursery at about 7.40am.

The Stupid Person Driving a Liveried Work Van From Priority Transport.

The stupid person driving a liveried work van from Priority Transport made sure that as many people as possible saw that the company he worked for employed stupid people to drive their Priority Transport liveried work vans.

Affecting perception of the Priority Transport brand.

Making me and hopefully anyone else that saw the stupid person driving the liveried work van from Priority Transport.

Or anyone that may read a blog about the stupid person that drives a liveried work van from Priority Transport.

To make a mental note.

Never to use Priority Transport.

And never to refer Priority Transport.

To anyone.

Because Priority Transport drivers are inconsiderate.

And stupid.


Building a business is hard.

Building a brand is harder.

But weakening even the strongest of brands is actually quite easy.

As the stupid person that was driving his or her liveried Priority Transport work van in Newcastle this morning, proved.


  1. Ricky Brown Reply

    Hey Michael, Loved the story! Just so you know, the (here it is) link half way down you page isn’t working.

    • Ah! Thank you Ricky.

      It’s repaired now.

      And thank you for keeping up with what we’re doing here at 50odd.


  2. Mark Hardman Reply

    As well as individuals, I think some brands manage to shoot themselves in the foot via their TV ads. I know this is a personal opinion , bit I hate the Halifax adverts so much (the ones where they hi-jack famous films eg ghostbusters ), that they have successfully moved me from ambivalence to hostility.

    • I agree.

      Yet I am slightly more grumpy overall Mark.

      Any advertiser that interrupts me.

      Immediately pisses me off.

      So I avoid them.

      I just don’t like interruptive strategies.

      There are cleverer ways I think.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Mark.


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