One of the biggest mistakes marketers make.

Is that they keep telling people things.

Stop Telling People Things. 

Just telling someone something isn’t even a story.

It’s boring.

And whilst transferring information from ‘here’ to ‘there’ may very well be part of the task.

It’s 10% of the task.

90% is about how the reader feels having read your thing.

Do This Instead. 

The best way to stop marketers from just telling people things is this.

Ask the marketer to measure the thing they wrote not with this question:

“What did I tell them?”

But with this question instead:

“How will they feel, having read the thing I just wrote.”

Because if the marketer can answer this second question appropriately, precisely and well.

What the marketer wrote is infinitely more likely to be read, remembered, acted upon or passed on.

It’s a Start.

This isn’t the whole story of course.

Writing really well is really hard.

But it’s a start.

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