It’s impossible to start anything again.

Well, in  the way that most people think about this term, it is.


It’s because whenever you do anything, you change.

You’re changed by the experience of doing it.

Each time you do it.

So you’re never really doing the same thing again in exactly the same way more than once.


This is useful to remember.

Because of those ‘Aargh!’ moments that we have.

When we feel we are doing pointless or annoying rework.


You’re never really starting over.


I get this feeling a lot with some of the more creative areas of my day-to-day.

I try something.

It doesn’t work.

So I try it again.

And it does.

I am, consciously and subconsciously – learning.

As I do these ‘same things’ more than once.


So if you are frustrated by the feeling that you are doing things over and over – try smiling instead.

Because you’re getting better.

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