As a general rule.

When an agency or any creative individual or team develop creative content.

As part of a business’s Marketing and/or Brand Communications.

There are two bits to get right.

  1. Idea.
  2. Execution.


It’s rare that I am impressed by both.

I see a lot of good ideas that then get fucked up by meddling clients or designers that don’t know when to stop designing.

And I see a lot of masterful execution of irrelevant or anodyne messaging or idea-less notions.

So when I stumble across work that:

  1. Is a clever idea.
  2. Is brilliantly executed.
  3. Is easily understood.
  4. Has a narrow focus but broad appeal.
  5. Is targeted.
  6. Has talkability because it is different and interesting.
  7. Exploits the medium so that it is absolutely integral and absolutely perfect.
  8. Has a crystal clear and measurable objective.
  9. Is wonderfully well written.
  10. Is perfectly timed.
  11. Is simple.

It really stands out.

Netflix Spoilers.


We should all #staythefuckhome.

We know this.

But some dickheads don’t.

And a lot of them are younger Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z.

So two Thai students came up with this idea/execution/medium/copy/well timed/simple thing.

They posting Netflix spoilers on poster sites to piss Millennials off.

As they are the ones most likely to flaunt the lockdown.


‘Nothing much else to say.


(Example here:

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