Segment your audience.

Understand each segment.

Hone your offer for each segment.

Tailor your words for each segment.

Then give each of them gifts.

Give willingly.

Give generously.

Give openly.

And consistently.

Help them.

Support them.

Give them little things they may find useful.

Take the time to get to know them.


And by personally I mean go beyond the segment.

To each and every person.

In each and every segment.




Message them about the precise part of your offer that is most relevant to them.

(And the better you get to know them.

The better you will be able to do that).

But do this only when you and they feel ready to have that conversation.

After you connect.

Really connect, I mean.

And if you have really connected.

You’ll know exactly when the right time is.


But that takes you and your brand so much bloody time.


So here is a different option.

The ‘Splat!’ option.

For the Splat! option, combine all your offers into one single, complete, more easily manageable clump of aggregated and layered blob of information.

Everything you want to say to everyone you want to speak to.

All in one place.

Then imagine that you are holding this blob of information in your arms.

Imagine this blob as a great big heavy ball of shite, if you like.

Then imagine all of your various targets stand in a ring around you.

Loads of them.

Beckon them closer with a nod.


Nod of your head.


When you are sure they are stood in the right place.

Raise your arms.

Lift your blob of shite.




Drop your one, single clump of aggregated, layered and all-encompassing blob of shite.

As hard as you can.

Onto the floor.


You got them!

Now you can feel amazing.

Because you hit all of them.

With hardly any effort.

You hit every single one of them with every single bit of information you have about your business much faster than the fannying about that I mentioned earlier.

It saved you time.

It saved you money.

Your hit rate was pretty much close to 100%!

So now you really can feel great.

Because the reach, precision, speed, scale and completeness of the task beats my earlier approach a hundred times over.

That’s the difference between me and you!

You cry.

And then you remember another difference as well.


You cry

That’s not the only difference.

You cry.

Because you just remembered something about your content.

You just remembered that not only did you get your content out there to more people, more completely and much, much faster than the first way

You also remembered the other big difference about your blob of content.

Which took a little bit of the shine off.

It was shite.

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