Whenever I clear our dining table. Or stairs. Or coffee table. Or that drawer in the kitchen with the screwdrivers, plasters, keys, pebbles, unwrapped wine gum, coffee machine instructions, tissues, pens, puncture repair kit, dog treats, hair clips, kids party invites and receipts. New things start to turn up in the space I create, by “not me!”, within about an hour.

Something always appears in the space created. From nothing.

This reminds me of a friend of mine that built his business, sold it for £15 million and now has a giggle with a couple of smaller businesses. It reminds me of my friend because, even in the early days of building his big business, he was never too busy to leave every Friday empty.

For this guy, every Friday had nothing in it. Yet it was always his most interesting and productive day. When he spoke of his work, the best and most interesting stories were always about Fridays.  And he insisted it was because, just like my dining table, stairs, coffee table and kitchen drawer. Something would always appear in the space created… from nothing.

Interesting and spontaneous things very often need space to happen. Or maybe it’s we that need the space to notice them. Whichever it is, my Fridays are all empty this year. And when I’m asked what for, I answer with a smile, and at my absolute sparklingly obnoxious best:


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