Some things resonate at any age, don’t they?

I’m lucky. I work as Marketing and Brand Director for a few companies. But luckier still, by a million miles or so, I’m a dad to 7 year old Izobel.

Increasingly, and not because Izobel is older than her years or because businesses behave like 7 year olds (although there’s truth in both), I chat about the same things with Izobel my daughter, and today’s board member. For example:

“Not being accepted because of who you actually are, is better than being accepted for pretending to be someone you actually are not.”

Izobel gets that, even though it’s hard for her. And as business leaders we know it’s true too. The brand building bit of my work covers this. Getting to the truth of who founders and leaders really are, so the business can happily be itself. Rather than the business and its people bending themselves out of shape, keeping the wrong people happy by doing things that feel unnatural to them.

Some things resonate at any age, don’t they?

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