This is a real advert.

For Smart cars.

And depending on how you judge it.

It will either be the worst.

Or the best advert you have ever seen.

But you won’t be indifferent.

Because indifference.

Is the price that (I’d say) 99% of all advertisers suffer today.

Even though they also pay about 30 billion pounds on advertising in the UK alone.





If you don’t like 4 year olds saying ‘fuck’.

Under any circumstances at all.

Then you will hate the advert.

However, if you recognise that.

Unlike every single advert you see this week:

  • It is brave.
  • It is different.
  • It is funny.
  • It is a good idea.
  • It its relatable.
  • It gets noticed.
  • It is memorable.
  • It leaves people inclined tell other people about the brand.
  • It makes you recall the brand name in the every-day scenario it describes.
  • It lets you know, and you actually remember, why the brand is different and better.

And all in 40 seconds.

Then you will love it.

And you will ask yourself this very important question:

Why the fuck is my own marketing – and the marketing of every other business I know – so fucking safe, samey, unfunny, idea-less, unreliable, invisible, forgettable and says exactly the fucking same as pretty much everybody in my or their category?

Then you’ll either go back to the dross you’re doing now.

Or you’ll get brave, grow a pair – and get noticed..

Your call.


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