I ponder on so many things about my businesses.

And here are two of the most important.

Two things.

The first thing.

(And this is crucial).

It is whether my business is big enough.

And the second.

Well; the second thing is much more important than that.

It is whether my business is small enough.

Size Matters.

Size matters.

A business has to be big enough to make sense contextually.

It has to be big enough to make sense taking into consideration my available time, income and expenditure.

But I have to say.

And this really is the truth.

It is nowhere near as big a concern for me as smallness.


Smallness creates magic.

Because you have space to ignite your imagination.

Smallness creates meaningful relationships.

Relationships that may not make sense commercially today.

But that can transform your fortunes (and theirs) in the future.

Smallness increases understanding.

Because smallness allows you into the hearts, the minds and the day-to-day of your customers.

Smallness allows you to create brilliant and beautiful experiences.

Because smallness allows you to pause.

To stand next to your customers.

To see what you look like.

And experience what you feel like.

From where they are standing.

Smallness contains thinking space.

Space for your greatest ideas to come to life.

Smallness contains calmness.

And calmness means you can recharge.

Recharge in readiness for doing your best work.

Smallness contains the opportunity to truly excel.

Because you can get into the detail.

You can test.


And analyse.

Smallness really is beautiful.

So take it from me.

If you want to do something special.

If you want to do something really, really big!

Think small.

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