The photograph with this story is a burger and fries.

It’s a great burger.

Loads of flavour, not too expensive, loaded with two cheeses and from The Merchants Tavern in Newcastle.

It’s independent and good.

The Black Horse Pub in East Boldon is amazing.

REALLY amazing.

The food!

It is independent and good.


Small businesses make up 95% of all businesses in England.

The government gives billions (I cannot remember how much, my friend Tony knows) to big businesses and single figure millions to support small ones.

The government, for a whole host of reasons of course, is stupid.

But worse than stupid is callous, aloof, arrogant, elitist and, in far too many ways, just couldn’t give a fuck about small people and small things.

The government thinks that big, rich people and corporations are big and rich because they deserve to be.

And that small and poor people are small and poor for the same reason.

When I last checked, we pay them to listen to us and look after us.

But because they do neither of these things, I’d like to suggest that you do what they should be doing.

Think small.

Buying things.

When you’re buying things, please try to appreciate how valuable it is to buy from small, hard working businesses.

There’re big hard working businesses too of course.

But please think on.

Any decent smaller businesses will love you more because you have taken the time to seek them out, learn to love them, then buy from them.

It’s a good thing to do.


And one last thing.

If you have on the tip of your tongue with regard to this subject:

But why are they so expensive?

First of all, when you look closely for the answer, you will probably find beautiful stories and great value in the answers.

And they probably aren’t as expensive as you imagined.

Honestly, and you will LOVE the answers you find.

And anyway, there is a much more valuable question than this.

About the big corporations.

It is:

But why are they so cheap?

Please ask.

And believe me, you will NOT love the answers you get.

Merry Christmas. 

Make a small business’s Christmas.

The feeling you get by doing so will make yours too.

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