I recently updated my ‘About’ bit on LinkedIn.

It’s much better than it was before.

Here’s why.

How To Write About Yourself.

When I write about myself how I wrote about myself on my ‘About’ LinkedIn profile recently.

(See ‘About’: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hellomychael/)

It felt like me sitting in a chair.

My chair.

And just speaking.

About me.

From my own perspective.

And that was that.

The Previous Version.

The previous version was different.

The previous version was me writing about awards and client benefits and experience and client names and bleah and bluh and nyeh.

That felt like me stood up, looking back at myself sat in the chair, and writing what I (thought I could) see from the clients perspective.

This approach sounds like the thing to do.

But it isn’t.

Because this latter approach is too sanitised and filtered and contrived.

And it’s pretty much what everybody else does too.

So if you write like this too then, obviously, you’ll disappear.

Sit Down.

If you want to know the best way to write about yourself.

So people know you and understand you quickly.

Sit down.

Sit in that chair.

Your chair.

And just speak.


  1. This has been on my mind.

    I’m 54 and am at a crossroads. In fact, I’m slap bang in the middle of the intersection.

    Twenty years in the same job. That’s not strictly true, as what I has evolved considerably but I face a big decision right now about where I am headed.

    Compared to yesterday morning the fog is clearing though there is much to do.

    I can only start today because that’s all I have.

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