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You need to see the image that goes with this story.

Good News.

The good news.

Is that you can now get a £140 Always Wear Red flat cap.

For £4.70.

Bad News.

The bad news.

Is that it’s not an Always Wear Red flat cap.

(But you knew that).

Silly People. 

Silly people are copying the Always Wear Red range.

Or they are pretending to copy the Always Wear Red range.

So that other silly people send them money.


I’ll say one thing for the website claiming to sell Always Wear Red things though.

They are clever in one way.

Because some of the things they are selling don’t exist any more.

They’re sold out.

Yet these clever people are saying that they do exist.

The flat cap that lovely Scarlett is wearing in the colour-highlighted image with this story, for example.

They can’t be bought any more.

Because these exact flat caps.

That I personally designed.

That I personally oversaw the hand making of in Yorkshire.

Then checked every single one with my own hands and eyes.

They’ll never be made again.


Always Wear Red – The Early Years Sale.


I have a choice.

I either invest my money in having the people chased down and the website taken down.

Or I invest my money real life Always Wear Red customers.

People that want to own real life Limited Edition Always Wear Red pieces.

That, once they’re gone, will never ever be made again.

I choose the latter.

Your Choice. 

So here’s your choice now.

If you want to go shopping for pretendy Always Wear Red pieces at about 97% off.

Go here:

(Take care though.

The Algeriepress link is not a secure link).

And here’s where to go.

For a limited time only.

If you want to go shopping for genuine Limited Edition pieces at about 45% off:

(This is a secure link of course.

So you’ll be fine).

And the reason you’ll get 45% off is because there’s 20% off anyway.

And the code below gives you an additional 30% off the already reduced figure.

(I have decided to invest my money in real life Always Wear Red customers as opposed to chasing the silly people).

So heres’ a time-limited additional 30% off code THANKYOUALGERIEPRESS30.

It’ll work through to the end of September 2020.

Use it as many times as you like.

And pass it on to as many people as you like.

But as some ranges have just one or two things left.

Be quick.

(And as ever I am here if you need me (

Thank you for your support.

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