This is a short post with an important message.

It is:

Stop taking things too seriously.

There is a simple three-step test to work out if you are taking things too seriously.

Here are the three simple steps.

  1. Say, out loud, the thing that you are wondering about. The thing that is making you wonder, “Am I taking things too seriously?”
  2. Judge, accurately and without prejudice, whether you sound like a bit of a dick.
  3. If you do sound like a bit of a dick, stop being a bit of a dick and taking things too seriously.

That’s it.

The Chicken Game

If you look at the image at the head of this little story and find it funny (you will have to be at the 50odd website to see it) – chances are you are not actually a dick and stand a good chance of not taking things too seriously in your future.

And if you don’t find it even a little bit funny then, sorry, I can’t help you.

Have a nice day.

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