Any time you do something just for you.

Breathing with an app.

Walking and thinking for 15 minutes.

(Just because you want to).

Cooking something that you and you alone like to eat.

The real benefit is not in the breathing.

Or the walking.

Or the thinking.

Or the eating.

The real benefit is simply in the act of doing something for yourself.


In life.

You can get left behind.

You can get left out.

You can get forgotten.

You can get neglected.

You don’t get cared for in the way that you should.

And the person doing most of the leaving behind.

The leaving out.

The forgetting.

The neglecting.

And the lack of caring.

For you.

Is you.


I just booked the last Friday of every month off.

It was triggered by the fact that I am really, really busy.

So in the context of my to-do list.

It is the last thing I should be doing.

Yet in the context of my self-care.

It is the first.


Give it a go.

And I’ll meet you for a coffee.


  1. Lez Gonsalves Reply

    I completely agree that, one needs to take some time for oneself … whether it is to reflect or be happy or just be pissed-off with oneself.
    I and only me, am at the source of my well-being.
    THANKS for sharing

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