Salt by itself tastes bloody awful. ‘No good to anyone.

And too much salt is poisonous. It shrinks cells. A person becomes lethargic, weak and unresponsive. This can lead to seizures, coma and death.

On the upside though, just the right sprinkling of salt makes chips taste lovely!

Which is nice.

Be More ‘Salt’

Last night, as a I seasoned my chicken (thank you Lisa), I thought about salt.

I like meeting people, but sometimes – particularly when I first meet people – I don’t really know what kind of a relationship is best.

So from now on, on the subject of how I begin to interact with people and build relationships, I am going to ‘Be More Salt’.

I will go out of my way to interject where I can add flavour. With just a little sprinkling of me. I will try to add a special something to what’s already there in people’s lives. Sometimes this will be because someone has invited me in. Other times, I’ll make the effort and do this uninvited. Because sometime people need a hand and daren’t ask.

I’ll not interfere too much, though. Too much salt… yuk! I’ll work hard so that the relationships I develop will be balanced beautifully.

Get Out There.

And as no one wants to eat salt by itself, I will always make the effort to ally in one way or another with wonderfully complementary things. A life is better with more people in it.

We all have something to offer. And if we don’t get out there and offer to enhance other people’s lives then nothing will ever taste as wonderful as it could do. We’re in danger of being left with bland.

So there you go.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to start a well balanced and beautifully palatable relationship for all involved – get out there, introduce yourself and Be More Salt!

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