I bought my Rolex for two reasons.


To see what it felt like to own a Rolex.


To see what it felt like.

To me.

For other people to think I owned a Rolex.

And it delivered brilliantly.

In the exact way I wanted it to.

It worked!

On both counts.

So I don’t regret for a second investing the money.

In fact.

It was the best £40 I ever spent.

It Worked!

When I say it worked.

I don’t mean it actually worked.

My Rolex told the time correctly for a week or so.

And even though that’s not what the nice man on the street in Hong Kong suggested would happen.

I didn’t mind.

My Rolex.

Two things.

I may buy an actual Rolex one day.

As finances allow.

Because I did like the way it felt.

And with regards to how it felt.

To me.

For other people to know I owned a Rolex.

I discovered that I couldn’t care less.


There’s a brand lesson in there too.

For my brands.

And for yours.

And here it is.

Great brands know what they are for.

So have a think.

What’s your brand for?

Because if you imagine.

Even for a second.

That a Rolex is for telling the time.

(Even if it’s a real one).

You’re way off.

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