Whilst innovating.

If you’re any good at innovating, that is.

It is entirely possible to be too far ahead of the game.

So far ahead that – should you mention all you are doing, all at the same time – they just won’t ‘get it’.

So far ahead that you miss the opportunity of creating three or four separate, simple, powerful and much more easily digestible headlines.

Instead blurting out something too complicated, too long, less punchy and much harder to remember.

Rinky Dinky Do.

And it is for these reasons that, when innovating, you should first ‘Rinky’.

Then ‘Dinky’.

Then ‘Do’.


Aidan is an engineer, business founder, and friend.

And even though Aidan is not a marketer, he’s one of the best marketers I know.

Not just because he is straight forward, authentic and endlessly interesting.

But because Aidan knows that the long, winding queue of innovations that he himself develops or inspires, need managing.

They need to be drip, drip, dripped into products.

And drip, drip, dripped into messaging.

A Rarity.

Such self awareness is a rarity.

And that’s way Aidan will always win, even when up against the the most Rinky Dinky Do competitor innovations.

Because whilst the others are chest beating and spouting unfocused, over-complicated, self-congratulatory, jargon-riddled hyperbole.

Aidan has the patience to first Rinky.

And win.

Then Dinky.

And win.

Then Do.

And win all over again.

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