When the riff is right.

Even a really short eight second riff.

Everything’s right.

You can just play it over and over and over for 6 minutes.

All You Need.

Two middle aged blokes in a park.

With a bit of a backing track.

A great riff.

And two guitars.

That’s all you need.

Have a listen: https://www.50odd.co.uk/riff/


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  1. A great riff is like a great brand essence/purpose/idea – it is simple and memorable, it hooks a tune into your subconscious. Once you have the riff, you can build the rest of the song around it, supporting it, echoing it, using it as a counterpoint. Great brands have a memorable riff. Melody, rhythm, lyrics, stage production. It’s the bedrock.

    I’m going to play with this idea some more. Thanks for the inspiration.

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