I was looking through books online this week.

One evening.

On goodreads.com there are some great books.

And some even better reviews.

Here is my favourite review so far.

It’s two short sentences and I reckon you’ll know the book just from the review.

Let’s see:

There is nothing I want more than to be able to reach downstairs for a biscuit whilst in bed.

Lucky bastard.


And funny.

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  1. I am commenting on my own blog…

    Because I wanted to let you know that this story prompted a conversation between me and another chap around 50 years old.

    About which Mr. Man is our favourite.

    That’s what 50odd.co.uk is for.



    To make you feel uplifted from time to time, if you care to read what I write.

    And to occasionally chat about things you normally would not.

    To remember that life is a mix of serious.

    And not serious.


    And sad.

    Thanks for reading.


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