There are a lot of dating sites out there.

Designed, obviously, to help us to find a partner.

Some claim to be more sophisticated than the others.

And the others?

They just ask you to swipe one way or the other.

Based purely on what someone looks like.


Well, in another world’s first.

I will offer my advice.

On how to assess compatibility between two people quite easily.

And inexpensively.

And quickly.

Revel Hierarchy.

It’s an assessment of someone’s ‘Revel Hierarchy’.

I should explain.

This is listing a person’s love of the different chocolate Revels in order of preference.

So mine for example is this:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Orange.
  3. Solid flat one.
  4. Malteser.
  5. Toffee.
  6. Raisin.

If you meet someone with the same preference.

You’re in.

And if this does not convince you.

Then dig a little deeper.

Find out what the person thinks about the fact that coffee replaced coconut.

(I was ecstatic).

And the fact that raisin replaced peanut.

(I was upset).


Love was always a complex issue.

For thousands of years.

Working out how to find it.

And how to assess whether it would endure.

Well no longer.

Thanks to Revel Hierarchy.

You’re welcome.


  1. Well my order is somewhat different but I have counter theory…..maybe a better match is where the rebel hierarchy aligns in reverse – hence resulting in sharing a bag in harmony and no (Coffee!!!!) Revels being left unwanted….

    • You know what?

      I have to agree.

      This is important.

      My theory could have ruined endless relationships!


      Of course.

      We bought two bags of Revels.



  2. My lovely husband of… lots of years used to share our Revels on cinema dates.
    Oh my how we fought, knuckles clashing inside the very noisy bag all because we had the same Hierachy!
    must be true as we are still very much together.
    I’m still not over the loss of coconut though.

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