That there Internet is filled with misinformation.

And conflicting information.

And I haven’t got time to go round all the supermarkets.

So here’s what I have.


A small bag of Revels is 35 grams.

A Revels Treat Bag is 71 grams.

(It is also reported as being 85 grams).

A Revels Pouch is 101 grams.

(There’s a 112 gram Pouch also, I read).

A Revels Large Pouch is 205 grams.

There’s a 240 grams size too.

Revel Guessing.

Revel guessing is guessing every Revel in the bag.


Before you eat it.

Smelling it is allowed in the rules

But no biting or licking.


The most devious Revels are orange pretending to be coffee.

(Or coffee pretending to be orange).

Or toffee pretending to be raisin.

(Or raisin pretending to be toffee).

And do look out for rogue, small coffee or orange Revels masquerading as toffee.

(They know what they’re doing).


I’ve guessed my fair share of 35 gram bags.

It does take a lot of concentration to guess a bigger bag.

And it’s best attempted in one sitting.

That’s all I have to offer on the subject.

So do your best.

(Please send unedited video evidence if you want to make a claim of a successful end-to-end bag guess please. 

Thank you).

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