So here we are on 123 posts in. That’s one story per day for 17 weeks and 4 days.


I’ve decided what 50odd is now. For a while at least. It’s:

A resource for guys that are in, that are about to be in, or who left (and maybe even miss) their 50’s.


About 200 people engage with daily (I’d like it to be more so please spread the word). I am learning that there is no such thing as a typical 50(ish) year old. Or indeed any age.

I am however finding that:

  1. 40-ODDS.  Most 40-odds are dreading becoming 50-odds because when they were 20-odds they thought most 50-odds would be dead or may as well be dead.
  2. EARLY 50-ODDS.  Most early 50-odds don’t like being 50-odd. It feels old. They talk about (or think about) how old they are a lot. They don’t want to be here.
  3. LATE 50-ODDS.  Most later 50-odds realise that being 50-odd is just another decade. And that it’s fine. It can, in many ways, be like being 30-odd or 40-odd. If you want it to be. All you have to do is dump the stereotype and live the life you want as opposed to what any other bugger wants you to live. It’s not hard. You just do it. Today if you like.
  4. 60-ODDS. Most 60-odds wish they’d stopped fucking moaning about being 50-odd when they were 50-odd. Because, in many ways, it’s better than being 60-odd.


So here are the sections you will find on for now, and what you are likely to find there. For now.

Some will be written with guys 40+ in mind. But many won’t as so many important subjects are what they are independent from age.

BUSINESS. I’ve run businesses for 30 years. I’m not the best, but I’m not the worst either. I love adventurous, generous and meaningful businesses with a purpose. They matter more and last longer. So I’ll talk about them and what they are and do.

CREATIVITY. I’ll talk about sparkly, clever, adventurous, daring thinking and behaviours. Particularly if it is making the world a better place. But sometimes I love creativity just for the sake of creativity. It’s good for us. All of us.

FOOD & DRINK. Great things to drink and eat. Or great places to drink and eat.

MUSIC. Things I love to listen to – and why.

STYLE.  I lead luxury menswear clothing brand Always Wear Red with an increasingly impressive team around me. I don’t talk about or ‘do’ style like anything I see out there. Style to me is not throwaway stuff that you liked for a moment then changed your mind about. It’s also not waiting for GQ to tell you what you like. And nor is it tweed jackets and shiny shoes that, stereotypically, older guys are supposed to wear.

It’s about self-expression, feeling, timelessly classic, quality, thoughtfulness and depth, my story, their story, nostalgia, dressing for me, fun, mixing things up, why-not-ness, standing out a bit and adventuring.

WELLBEING.  Physical and Mental wellness. And how to stay alive longer (in theory at least).

The footnote to all of this is that, honestly, no matter how old you are, you are NOT too late for anything and you are not too late to start anything. You can address any and all of these areas of your life at any time and in any way – at all.

The only person stopping you is you.

Thank you for sticking with so far. Keep talking to me, ideally in the comments section of the website because some conversations I have with you are interesting to, and may benefit, other people as well.

And if there are things we should be addressing here that we currently are not – please let me know.

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