Now I am in my 50’s, and I am older, I have more to remember. 

This is worth remembering.

I remembered to remember what I have to remember at a bus stop in the middle of Newcastle last week.

One evening at about 6 o’clock.

I chose a busy bus stop up near Haymarket, because I knew there’d be a lot of people milling about.

Living their lives as I went about living mine.

Then I did this…


Do you remember when Cantona scored that goal against Sunderland in 1996?

The video is at the end of this story at if you don’t remember.

Well, I stood like he did after he’d scored.

Looking around for a few seconds.

Taking it all in.

Thinking what a privilege it is to be here.

Sad that it’d soon be over.

But remembering to love the fact that I am here today.

That my life is filled with good people, family, possibility and opportunity.

It is worth remembering – that all of this is worth remembering.


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